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The Scottish Targe

The Scottish targe (pron. tar-gie) was a round shield with loops on the back through one of which the arm was passed while the other was grasped by the hand. This name as applied to a shield goes back to the 12th century and was used especially by the Scots. The typical Scottish targe was about 20 inches in diameter, and was made of wood covered with leather studded with brass bosses. It had a central spike which was sometimes as much as ten inches long and could be unscrewed and carried in a pocket in the skin lining on the back of the targe.

These are all hand made by Patrick.  Click on the picture or name of a targe for more photos and details.

All are made of wood covered with leather both front and back.         

#4A Stirling Targe - Back is covered with black hair on leather

Price - $180.00

A second Stirling has been added. It is made of brown leather front and back with all brass nails - Price - $160

Stirling Targe

#3A Culloden Targe - back is covered with leather.

Price - $195.00


Culloden Targe

#2C Harlaw Targe - back covered with white and brown hair-on cowhide

Price - $250.00   Sold

Harlaw targe

#3D Glenlivet - back is covered with leather

Price - $165.00

Glenlivet targe

#7D -Rob Roy - antiqued nails with center boss of a lion's head. Back is patched leather.

Price - $110.00

Rob Roy Targe

#4B Celtic Cross - Dark brown leather front and back

Price $195.00 Sold

6C - Inverurie - black leather front with the back in brown leather. 

Price:  $130.00

inverurie targe thumbnail    

Here's an email from one of our happy customers:

"Thank you Pat for this absolutely smashing Shield. It looks fantastic. I
can't wait to give it to my friend for his birthday. Every man that came
into my office picked it up, Ohhh and Aahhhed at it.This is a quality
piece of work. Much heavier than I thought and the spike in the center
makes it look even more fierce. Love it!! Will gladly testify to how it
looks and feels. Please take this as permission to give my name as a
reference. I am a highly satisfied client. I think I may end up getting
another one down the road. Perfect present for the warrior in every man.
The back is as impressive as the front. Best Wishes" RW








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