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Tom Duffy Dirks

By Tom Duffy of Scotland

These dirks are one of a kind, hand made by Tom Duffy.  These are premier collectors’ pieces as Tom is no longer making new dirks due to health reasons.  THERE IS A VERY LIMITED SUPPLY!!

We are pleased to announce that there are five (5) new Tom Duffy dirks now here for you to view!

 Note: Dirk #2 would be classed as left-handed in the U.S.  Mr. Duffy, the dirk maker, states 

“The dirk was carried on the right side and the sword on the left since the Scots fought with the dirk and a sword. They would draw the dirk with the left hand from their right side making it a left-handed dirk.”  

 All sterling silver dirks have Edinburgh Hall Marks. All grips are of African hardwood.  

Here's a glowing report from a recent buyer:


I just had to drop you this short missive to tell you just how delighted I am with the quality of the two dirks that I have just purchased from you. The photographs did not do them justice and your total honesty and frankness in explaining the slight flaws that have developed over time as they were in your care was very refreshing.

I look forward to receiving the photographs of Tom's Sgian Dubhs that will match my new dirks. If you also have any with genuine stag horn hilts, please send also...my colleague wants one of those.

Many thanks again for your chat and the quality of your merchandise.

From one Scot to another.   John Ross Stewart

Click on the picture or name below for details.

TD#1. Dress dirk has a total of 358 grams of sterling silver in the grip, fittings and sheath. The overall length of the dirk is 17 ¾” with a blade that is 12” long. The sheath is sterling silver with wood inset.   Price: $2,775.

TD#2. A large dress dirk with sterling silver mounts This is a copy of a dirk found in a Glasgow museum.  Overall length is 20¼” with a 14 1/8” blade. NOTE: the design is from playing cards. This is taken from the fact that most Scottish nobles loved to play cards. Take note that the knife and fork are side-by-side.   
Price: $2,595.

TD#7. All Brass Dirk Sheath is of all brass. Grip is black African hard wood with brass fittings. Blade is 14", the dirk is 19 ¾" overall.  
Price: $1,250.

TD#8. Silver Ram Head Dirk - w/By-knife - Buffalo horn grips. TD8 iconSheath is polished Grey Ray skin. All silver fittings. Blade 13 1/2 " long. Overall length 19".
Price: $3,250.

TD#9. Dirk with silver fittings, with a Lion and St. Andrews Cross. TD#9 iconGrips are made of African black wood. Blade is 13 3/4" long. Wooden sheath covered with dark green leather.
Price: $2,950

TD#10. Gambler’s dirk, with a Club, Heart, Diamond, and Spade on the silver fittings. TD#10 iconAfrican black wood grip with an eagle head carved on the throat. Blade is 12". Overall length is 18".
Price: $2,950

TD#11. Brass fittings with a single over sized By-knife. TD#11 icon


TD#12. Dirk with Thistle Pommel and brass fittings. Single By-knife with a red leather covered wooden sheath. TD#12 icon
Handles are turned buffalo horn.
Dirk is 13 1/2". Overall length is 20".
Price: $1,495


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