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The Baron of Earlshall Collection

The majority of swords in this collection were acquired from the Baron of Earlshall.   If you have been to Scotland and visited the Earlshall Castle in Fife, you would have seen these swords hung on the walls of the Long Gallery.

The Baron of Earlshall was a collector of basket hilted swords for over 30 years.   You will see in the description of some of these swords, a reference to them coming from another collector.  This indicates that the Baron had purchased the sword from another collector or museum.

We provide you with as much information as possible on each sword, whether it be the known history or the general condition of the sword.

All of the swords represent a piece of history.  The opportunity to own a bit of Scottish history is available to you, so enjoy browsing the swords and please contact us with questions using the email address shown below or by giving us a call.

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Antique Sword # 6
A Scottish basket hilted sword with military marking,
circa 1770

Price - $6,000

Antique Sword #14
A Scottish half-basket hilted sword
circa 1725 - 1735

Price - $6,000

Antique Sword #17
A rare English three quarter basket.

Price - $4,250

Antique Sword #27
A rare three quarter basket hilted cavalry sword
circa 1755 - 1760

Price - $6,650

Antique Sword #33
A Regimental half-basket hilted sword,
circa 1770.

Price - $3,250

Antique Sword #49
Scottish basket hilted sword
circa 1730 - 1740

Price - $4,762

Antique Sword # 57
Brass basket hilted horseman's sword.
circa 1788

Price - 2,300


These last two swords were not part of the Baron of Earlshall collection but are from the same era.

Antique Sword # 58
Sciavona Basket Hilt
circa late 17th century

Price - $4,950

Antique Sword #59
English Horseman Saber
circe 1755

Price - $3,250


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