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Antique Militaria Swords

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MS #6 - It is a George V basket-hilt sword of the Scots Fusiliers of Canada. Maker is J. R. Gaunt & Sons and late Edward Thurkle, London & Birmingham S#17753. Blade is 33" long and the condition is Good. Basket has a small break, right side of wrist guard. Liner shows quite a bit of wear. Grip is Ray skin dyed black. It is a service scabbard and the brown leather shows wear. Name engraved on the blade is Capt. E. L. Shurly, 1934.   Price: $ 1,595.00

MS #7 - This is a Kings own Scottish Borders sword. Maker is Thurkle & Sons, London. Age - early 1900s.

Price: $ 1,295.00


MS #8 - It is a George V Basket-hilt sword - 1910 - 1936. It is a standard issue, with a "LONDON MADE" engraved on the top edge of the blade. The blade is good, no pits and 32" long. Basket hilt is of good steel with a liner that shows some wear. The grip is Ray skin dyed black. Condition is good. Scabbard is of all brown leather.  Price: $ 1,695.00

MS #9 A George V 1910 1936 Basket-hilt sword.  The Proof mark on the sword is a P which is Harnoan & Company of  Calcutta, 1901 1910.   Blade is 34 long, engraving good some pitting near point.  Basket is good with a few dark spots.  Liner shows wear with a few moth holes.  Grip is of Ray skin, good condition and dyed black.  It has a service scabbard, some wear with metal drag.  Price:  $1,695.00




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