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Prussian Model 1889 Troopers Sword Hilt Feature
Prussian Model 1889 Troopers Sword Full with SheathPrussian Model 1889 Troopers Sword Hilt BackPrussian Model 1889 Troopers Sword HiltPrussian Model 1889 Troopers Sword

Prussian Model 1889 Trooper’s Sword


This is a Prussian Model 1889 trooper’s sword. The hilt is nickel plated. You can see the hand guard on this sword is fold-able. The grip is made of composite material.

For additional questions, please call 253-347-8982 or email  Must be contacted in advance in order to purchase this product.  Due to complexities of insurance and handling of antique items for shipment, all antique items must call/email before ordering. 

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Product Description

Year of Origin: Circa 1889

Country of Origin: Prussia (Germany)


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