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Beast Mode in Scotland!

Marshawn Lynch in Scotland

Being from Seattle, there are few things we love more than watching Seahawks every Sunday.  The season may be over for us for this year, but Marshawn Lynch is still providing some entertaining as we wait until Superbowl LI!

We can’t help but love all the awesome things from Scotland Marshawn was able to experience on his trip there!

Inspired by Beast Mode? We’re here to help!

Inspired by the “warriors” reliving historical scenes, check out our store for your opportunity to pick your own set of historically accurate targes (the shields), basket hilts, and sporrans!

Targe?  Don’t you mean shield?  Check out our Targe page, to see more information on where the name came from!

Also, check out our antique items, where we have a few older items, although maybe not quite as old as the castles Marshawn saw!


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