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Links we Love

Tartan item - sample scarf and sash

If you have a web site you want to list here, please contact us. We’re quite interested in swapping links with other sites!

Frazier Historical Arms Museum – We are the 4th International location of the British Royal Armouries. We cover 1,000 years of history starting with the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and ending with the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt in 1910. We have a section on our 3rd floor (British Royal Armouries, USA) that focuses on the Battle of Culloden. In that section we have a life-sized diorama (we call them tableaux) that depict the Battle. All of the weapons in the tableaux are replicas, but the real artifacts are in the cases in each respective gallery, so we do have real swords and shields from that era.

Wicked Tinkers is a fine Scottish bagpipe and drum band. Great web site. . Unique Celtic wedding rings and wedding bands individually handcrafted and Hallmarked in Ireland. – the online source for fine custom knives.

Highland Celtic Leather Scotland- Fine Leather Craftsman.