Leask Clan Crest


This Leask clan crest is made of Pewter. It has a palladium finish, which helps the clan crest not scratch or tarnish.

The clan crest can be worn as a brooch to a sash or scarf or on the hat as a sign to your allegiance to the Clan Leask.

Leask Clan Motto:
“Virtute Cresco”

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1 3/4 inches wide x ~2 inches tall

Clan Crest Background:
The Leask clan crest is wrapped with a strap and buckle to show allegiance to the Leask clan chief. It is only appropriate for Chiefs, Chieftains, and Armigers (register owners of coat of arms) to wear a clan crest without the strap and buckle.

Traditionally, the Leask Clan Crest is worn on the left side, as only on the right side is appropriate for Leask Clan Chieftains.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × .5 in